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From London To Dubai: The Rise Of British Investments In Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Properties

From London To Dubai: The Rise Of British Investments In Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Properties

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The Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Living, a luxury residential project by Dubai Holding has been one of the most sought-after real estate investment opportunities in the UK by British investors for the past few years. This specific blog will focus on describing what Asayel offers, its housing characteristics and available facilities, as well as identifying the main factors that explain its appeal to British buyers.

Property Type And Area

Asayel is a freehold residential development that provides 1 and 2 types of bedroom apartments which vary in size, 816 ft, 1974 ft, or 3,897 ft. The development is located in Umm Sequim with easy access to well-connected roads and other focal areas. It is characterized by a lively skyline, sea frontage access, and a resort lifestyle feel.

Features And Amenities

Asayel offers luxurious apartments with modern and luxurious finishes, spacious interiors, quality fitting and Appliance, and the latest designs of the modern kitchen. The residences also have an open space living area, a Master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a huge terrace with a panoramic view of Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah.

The development offers a range of amenities, including:

  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Day care
  • Parking area
  • Footbridge
  • Retail outlets
  • Community hall
  • Gardens
  • BBQ areas
  • Leisure decks

These amenities provide residents with a resort-like living experience, making it an attractive option for British investors seeking a luxurious lifestyle in Dubai.

Payment Plan

Asayel Madinat Properties proposes a relatively versatile, 50/50 payment system where 10% of the total amount is paid at the time of booking the house under construction, 40% is paid during its construction, and the final 50% is paid after the house is completed. This payment plan is favorable to British investors who may not afford the full amount at once.

Booking And Handover

Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Project is easy to book and requires a 10% down payment when making the booking. The handover is expected to be completed by March 2023, thus giving the investors adequate timeframe on the investment made.

British Investors And Asayel

Dubai property market has been buoyed by British investors in particular due to economic stability and investment prospects in this city. Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Living is another preferred choice for these investors due to its luxurious facilities and desirable location. This payment plan, as well as the precise handover date in the UAE, are perfect for those looking for a safe and lucrative investment opportunity.

Real Estate Investment From London To Dubai

British investors seeking to invest in luxury real estate in Dubai typically look for properties that offer a combination of high rental yields, tax-free income, and a secure and profitable investment. Here are some key factors that British investors consider when investing in Dubai real estate:

  1. Tax-Free Income: The state does not impose taxes on the sales and purchase of houses, or on rental income received which makes the investment lucrative for British investors.
  2. 2. High Rental Yields: especially compared to other major commercial cities, which makes Dubai one of the top places to invest for steady rental yields that, depending on the property type, fluctuate between 5% and 9% per annum – a great source of passive income for British investors.
  3. Growing Economy: , Dubai being an advantageous regional location and also possessing magnificent infrastructural facilities has turned into an international business location as a result the multinational investors and expatriate community increase the demand for both residential and commercial properties.
  4. World-Class Infrastructure: The infrastructure development of Dubai is highly developed and unique in that it boasts attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina, therefore making Dubai a preferred area to work and live in.
  5. Regulatory Reforms: Having realized that foreign investors can be essential to its growth, Dubai has adopted some welcoming policies such as the issuance of long-term visas and simplified property registrations.
  6. Prime Locations: Many of British investors tend to invest in key areas such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Business Bay since they are affluent areas where they can get reasonable rental returns and a quality lifestyle.
  7. Off-Plan Properties: Investing in off-plan commercial properties presents British investors with the advantage of potentially higher returns on investment and the prospect of securing properties at lower prices once construction is finished, making it an attractive option.
  8. 8. Furnished properties: are easier to rent out and command higher rents, making them an even more appealing investment for British investors.
  9. Secure And Profitable Investment: Dubai’s real estate market offers a secure and profitable investment opportunity, providing high rental returns, tax-exempt income, and reliable infrastructure, which aligns with the goals of British investors seeking safety and profitability.

Conclusion: Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Living is an attractive option for British investors seeking a luxurious lifestyle in Dubai. The development’s unique features, such as its direct sea views, resort-style living experience, and premium amenities, make it an unparalleled destination for those looking to invest in Dubai real estate. With its flexible payment plan and clear handover timeline, Asayel is an excellent choice for British investors seeking a secure and profitable investment in the UAE.

If you are interested in investing in Asayel Madinat Jumeirah Living or would like more information on the development, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you in booking your unit and providing guidance on the investment process.

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